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Introducing Vertech Freemium



The industrial automation industry is behind the times.


Every year more and more people are abandoning traditional computing for more convenient and user-friendly options. We at Vertech understand that and we want to give operators a sense of pride and accomplishment and managers the customization options to best help their productivity.


The industrial automation industry is behind the times- but not for long. Vertech is proud to announce Vertech Freemium™ a new SCADA for the modern world.

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How Good Usability Can Save Your Plant

On January 20, 1992, Air Inter Flight 148 crashed into the Vosges Mountains of France, killing 87 out of the 96 occupants. How did this tragedy come to happen? Poor usability. The Airbus A320 was equipped with the latest digital cockpit displays and instrumentation. Unfortunately, it used a single panel to display two different modes, descent angle and descent rate, and both were represented with two digits. Whereas the captain thought he was approaching the airport at a descent angle of 3.3 degrees (about 800 feet per minute), the plane was in fact approaching at an abnormally high descent rate of 3300 feet per minute.

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What Will SCADA Screens of the 2020's Look Like?

SCADA systems have come a long, long way since their inception, especially on the UI design side of things. In an age where smartphone users are accustomed to the clean, crisp look of Apple and Google products, the importance of user experience and its impact on profitability is even more apparent. Given the huge advancements in UI technology, let’s take a trip down memory lane to see just how far we’ve come.

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Designing Intuitive SCADA Systems

Do you hate the software you have to use every day at work? It’s probably because of its poor design, and not functional problems. User experience is everything. Incorporating classic, user-centric design principles in SCADA systems creates software that is easy and even fun to use. Easy and fun are important because they tangibly affect operator's ability to control the process and respond quickly when things go awry. In this first post of our user interface design series, we investigate the long-term monetary and user benefits of excellent software design to enhance your high-performance automation systems.

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