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SCADA System Telemetry Network Transformation

May 15, 2018 / by Titus Crabb

Like any SCADA system component, radio telemetry networks age and eventually need an upgrade. The Town of Queen Creek in the Phoenix, Arizona metro area was faced with this eventuality when their rapid growth exceeded the capability of their existing 900MHz radio telemetry network. They needed new radio infrastructure that could provide reliable, high-speed connections to their existing sites, provide expansion capacity, and allow integration of video at remote sites.

The resulting system was more than just a network upgrade, it was a transformation. Vertech completed a radio path study and designed a new network architecture using Proxim Tsunami backhaul radios and Siemens WiMax site radios. The resulting network delivered blazing fast network speeds and dramatically improved system performance. SCADA response times went from 15+ minutes to near instantaneous with 10MBps connections at each site.

A properly designed and implemented radio network can deliver secure, fast network connections to remote assets in any industry including water districts, oil & gas fields, pipelines, and more. New radio technology is delivering hard-wired speed and reliability. If you are pushing the limits of your old technology network, you can more than upgrade your network, you can transform it.

Read the full case study.


Topics: SCADA

Titus Crabb

Written by Titus Crabb


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