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March 9, 2018 / by Sara Klein

Teamwork. One of Vertech’s core values and a focus for the company in 2018. Everyone knows teamwork is important, the sum is greater than its parts, two heads are better than one; But why do we believe in it so much? There are many advantages to making sure the workplace is filled with a big, happy team. Science has linked general happiness in life to our interactions and connections to other human beings. Happier people = happier place to work. So here are a few key benefits teamwork brings to the office:

  • People rely on each other for support and direction which helps keep everyone focused on the goal.
  • Individual strengths complement each other, bringing out the best in everyone.
  • Employees learn to communicate better and enhance their own knowledge by learning from each other.
  • People gain respect for each other’s talents and therefore people tend to work harder to impress.
  • The natural human need of feeling a sense of belonging is achieved which leads to higher morale over all.
  • Together, ideas can be challenged, feedback given, and improvements made all within a more efficient timeframe.
  • Workloads on each individual are reduced; therefore, less pressure and stress on employees.


A great blog I’ve come across through researching company culture is Career Addict. Many of these benefits can be found in articles on the site. Now the mistake that some companies make is thinking that all of this means hiring more people. However, adding employees to a project does not necessarily mean a shorter project time frame. Add an engineer, and you must consider the added communication and coordination needed. Making more people work together does not equal “teamwork.” Some things Managers must do in order to create this teamwork environment are:

  • Foster the relationships between team members
  • Set rules for the team
  • Create the overall feeling of being part of something larger than yourself
  • Ask teams of people for their input on important company decisions
  • Cross train employees as much as possible
  • Encourage informal teams throughout the company as well as professional

Teamwork brings so many advantages to the work world:

  • idea generation
  • innovation
  • learning and development
  • enhanced communication
  • shared workload
  • support network of happy people 😊

And Vertech is here creating a culture in which it will thrive.

Hear more about teamwork in this video our team put together.

Topics: Culture

Sara Klein

Written by Sara Klein


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