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VerBrewHaus Nano-Brewery is Online!

We are excited to announce that our in-house nano-brewery, “VerBrewHaus” is now operational! Our team finished up programming the Siemens S7-1500 processor and Inductive Automation Ignition HMI in late March, and we produced our first batch of beer a couple of weeks later. This was a true team effort with programmers, shop technicians, and admin team members all working together to make this possible.

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Teamwork. One of Vertech’s core values and a focus for the company in 2018. Everyone knows teamwork is important, the sum is greater than its parts, two heads are better than one; But why do we believe in it so much? There are many advantages to making sure the workplace is filled with a big, happy team. Science has linked general happiness in life to our interactions and connections to other human beings. Happier people = happier place to work. So here are a few key benefits teamwork brings to the office:

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What is a Control Freak? [Video]

If you have been around Vertech much, you have probably heard us refer to ourselves as Control Freaks. The name has been around for a few years now, and it really does effectively capture our passion for automation. We quite literally wear this passion on our shirt-sleeves, and our Control Freak t-shirts have become somewhat of a fashion statement in the industry (almost). So in case you have ever wondered what that term means, we put together this little video to provide an explanation.

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A Walk Down Memory Lane: Staying Sharp in the Ever-Changing Industrial Automation Business

Being the guy with the most grey hair (what little is left) in the office, I occasionally look back in amazement at how far our industry has progressed. Look at some of our other 20th century marvels: the airplane – basically the same since the 60s; automobiles – they might be flashier, but still fundamentally the same for decades. The first computer I ever used was an IBM 360 with 64K of core memory and 3 disk drives with 7 megabytes of storage each. You can’t even fit a small photo in 7 meg today.

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Vertech Recognized as 2017 Top Company to Work for in Arizona

Vertech is proud to announce recognition as a Top Company to Work for in Arizona for the second year in a row! This award is based on anonymous employee surveys and external analysis of our benefits and culture. This recognition is a tribute to our entire team at Vertech as we work to be a world class provider of automation solutions and the employer of choice for the best and brightest talent.

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Congratulations to our very own Zack and Anirudh on completing the Siemens Certified Programmer program!

Vertech would like to extend congratulations to Zack Scriven and Anirudh Koka for successfully completing the Siemens Certified Programmer program. This program required four weeks of class room training in Atlanta followed by both written and practical exams to demonstrate mastery of the Siemens automation products and programming. Products including TIA Portal, Win-CC, and the entire range of Siemens S7 hardware platforms were covered in detail.

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2014 Vertech Awards

Vertech supports our team internally with just as much enthusiasm as our clients. The Vertech Awards are a fun way to show our appreciation for various accomplishments throughout the year, reminding everyone that they can TAKE CONTROL of their career, and even simple actions are always noticed and directly attribute to our growth.

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