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Introducing Vertech Freemium



The industrial automation industry is behind the times.


Every year more and more people are abandoning traditional computing for more convenient and user-friendly options. We at Vertech understand that and we want to give operators a sense of pride and accomplishment and managers the customization options to best help their productivity.


The industrial automation industry is behind the times- but not for long. Vertech is proud to announce Vertech Freemium™ a new SCADA for the modern world.

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7 Concepts to Master for Success with Ignition 8 and Perspective

Inductive Automation’s long-anticipated Ignition 8 is slated to be released in the upcoming weeks. One of its many awesome new features is the introduction of the Perspective module which creates a seamless browser-based user experience using HTML5. This new front end allows for responsive screen design that will adjust automatically to a monitor, tablet, or a mobile screen as needed.

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Improved SCADA Data Integrity Using Store and Forward

Our clients put a lot of money into protecting their process data. It’s pretty standard to protect data with redundant data historians, and data collection infrastructure frequently employs technology like redundant network rings to improve reliability. Distributed assets like well heads and pump stations that rely on wireless networks add an additional challenge for reliable data collection. Store and forward systems are a great way to limit or even eliminate data loss when network connections are spotty or unreliable.

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Recorded 4.9 GHz SCADA Telemetry Networks Webinar Now Available

If you missed our Webinar last week around creating fast, reliable municipal telemetry networks using the FCC-licensed 4.9 GHz band, the recorded session is now available. During this Webinar, leaders from Siemens and Vertech discuss how municipalities can take advantage of the licensed 4.9 GHz frequency band. 

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Ignition Community Conference 2018

If you missed the Ignition Community Conference (ICC) last week, you missed a great one! Vertech was well represented from all three of our offices, and we all enjoyed hearing how others are using Ignition, watching the Travis vs. Kevin buildathon (#TeamTravis), and enjoying some after hours refreshment at the Fat Rabbit Public House. Chris McLaughlin's presentation giving tips for successful MES implementations was very well received. Most of all we were excited to learn about the new features in the long-awaited Ignition 8.0 release and the new Perspective visualization module. Here are four new features we think topped the list this year:

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Using MQTT with Ignition SCADA

The MQTT protocol is rapidly being adopted as a reliable, efficient protocol in modern industrial data collection applications. MQTT uses a variety of techniques to provide highly efficient use of bandwidth to collect data from a wide range of sources and then make that data available to interested subscribers. Cirrus Link Solutions provides various modules for Inductive Automation Ignition enabling applications to take advantage of this protocol for building IIoT and SCADA applications.

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Web Development in Ignition SCADA

There are two independent web development type modules in Ignition that allow one to host a custom API or web page on a web server directly from Ignition – the WebDev module by Inductive Automation and the Web Services module by Sepasoft. Both of these modules allow external systems (ERP, SAP, DBs, etc.) to interact with Ignition, which can be used as a central hub for bidirectional data processing for these systems. The two main classes of web services are REST (Representational State Transfer) and SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol). REST is available through both modules and can utilize JSON and XML data formats, while SOAP is available only through the Web Services module and only utilizes XML data formats.

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Applying Big Data Analytics on the Plant Floor

Back in 1834, Samuel Taylor wrote a poem titled “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” that is still famous in part for its line “water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink.” Much like those ill-fated mariners, our manufacturing enterprises accumulate ever larger oceans of data, but we struggle to squeeze a drop of information from them. Data analytics to the rescue! From looking at what happened in the past to predicting what might occur in the future, knowing how to effectively apply big data analytics techniques on your plant floor can provide numerous time, cost, and resource saving benefits.


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SCADA Software or Industrial Data Platform?

For decades now, SCADA software has been an indispensable monitoring, control, and diagnostic tool for plant operators. SCADA software has almost entirely replaced mimic panels, push-button stations, circular chart recorders, and the like, and most plants would not operate for long without it. As the evolution continues, modern SCADA platforms are uniquely positioned to transition beyond the plant floor to center stage as the Industrial Data Platform for digital manufacturing enterprises.

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Tips for Using Python in Ignition SCADA Software

Python is a popular high-level programming language known for its readability and performance. Typically, when you code in Python, you’re using the standard Python implementation – CPython – which is simply Python written in C. When scripting in the Ignition SCADA software by Inductive Automation however, you’re actually using Jython – a flavor of Python that runs in the Java Virtual Machine. With Jython come a few tips that you should know. 

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